What are the Most Valuable Business Master’s Degrees?

Posted by mba.com on Apr 9, 2019

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Getting a business master’s degree requires an investment of yourself, time, and money, so you want to be sure you’re getting the best return.

Degrees that offer in-demand skills and a path to employment can give you an advantage during recruitment and help maximize your earning potential. The following fields and degrees offer several ways to enhance your opportunities and maximize the value of your business master’s degree.


You might consider a Master’s in Management (MiM) or an  MBA because of how versatile they are. Your skills aren’t limited to a certain industry, and graduates work in job functions across management, marketing, consulting, and more. This flexibility gives you more options when it comes time to make post-graduation decisions. The broad curriculum, strong hiring demand, and starting base salary among US graduates make the MBA and MiM highly valued degrees.

Information technology

A rapidly evolving information technology (IT) landscape has companies looking for leaders who can solve organizational problems using technology. According to the GMAC 2018 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, companies in the United States report a median starting base salary of US$85,000 for a Master of IT and US$95,000 for Master of Data Analytics talent. These salaries represent a 15 to 46 percent increase over the same companies’ starting wages offered to new hires that hold a bachelor’s degree alone.


The Master of Finance is all but synonymous with business master’s degrees. This mainstay has grown into a powerful degree with lucrative employment prospects. Over 20 percent of b-school alumni support the finance/accounting function, and new US degree holders took home a median salary of US$85,000. This degree can be especially rewarding if you’re interested in working for larger companies, specifically in Latin America and Europe.

According to GMAC’s 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey, four out of five alumni consider their graduate management education an outstanding or excellent value and agree it was personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. To learn more about the value of a business master’s degree, create your profile on mba.com.

This article originally appeared on mba.com and is reprinted here with permission.

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